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Island Inspirations

Jennifer McCurdy Artist and sculptures on Martha's Vineyard beach sand

Artist of the Month: Jennifer McCurdy

With a name like, you may be wondering why our first featured artist of the month is not one of the iconic glass blowing masters that we proudly showcase. Although the beauty of glass is our specialty, we appreciate all art that surpasses typical techniques and enlightens our senses--which is why we are ecstatic to share with you the one-of-a-kind work of Jennifer McCurdy, whose totally unique wheel thrown porcelain is expertly crafted and intricately designed.

Her process begins with forming vessels on her potter’s wheel and then delicately carving them while they are still in their soft, leather-like state. The technique is one of great difficulty, as each vessel must contain just the right amount of moisture and be completed quickly before it dries. It is then fired to produce a hard, translucent vessel.

McCurdy’s vessels can be described as full of energy and a beautifully crafted piece of architecture, as each work creates an exciting effect of light and shadow, sure to be the centerpoint of wherever it is placed. She sites her inspiration as being purely emotional and sparked by the perfect forms of nature, from beach shells to the seeds of flowers. The flow and energy of life with its symmetry as well as its inconsistencies enlighten her and permeate all of her works.

She further describes her process and inspiration:

Living on Martha's Vineyard, island time, especially in the winter, seems to conform to nature's cycles. As a potter, I strive to make my work reflect the balance of life around me. It is important that the patterns I see around me are integrated into my forms.

I use a translucent porcelain body because it has a beautiful surface, and it conveys the qualities of light and shadow that I wish to express. After throwing my vessel on the potter's wheel, I alter the form to set up a movement of soft shadow. When the porcelain is leather hard, I carve patterns to add energy and counterpoint. I fire my work to cone 10, where the porcelain becomes non-porous and translucent.

More recently, Jennifer has been working with structural elements of her work, such as thin and thick high fire porcelain, different cutting techniques, the movement of the wheel, and reflection of nature.

We are delighted to share the stunning work of Jennifer McCurdy and give art enthusiasts the opportunity to take home her works to adorn their space with the powerful, creative energy these pieces exude...or to simply admire here online. Purchase your very own Jen McCurdy wheel-thrown porcelain vessel and enlighten your living space with the elegance of nature. To see our full exclusive collection of McCurdy's work and learn more about this masterful artist, click here. Learn even more about Jennifer McCurdy here.

Leo Braudy

Gallery Owner, Ethel A. Furman & Associates


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