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...It runs in our family.

The internet's oldest and longest continuously operating art gallery

Ethel and Arthur Furman, The Founders of Ethel A. Furman & Associates and started


Ethel and Arthur Furman founded Ethel A.  Furman & Associates, now Capital Art Advisory. The two began dealing art and art  consulting independently over 50 years ago. During this  time, they represented governments, corporations,  museums, other galleries, and numerous private individuals.



Ethel and Arthur Furman,

Founders and Grandparents of Leo Braudy


*Light Purple: Ethel A. Furman's  favorite color 

Leo Braudy Headshot A SQUARE.jpeg

Leo Braudy (Zachary Leo Braudy, born April 8, 1993) is the current CEO of Capital Art Advisory. Leo was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. He is also the grandson of Ethel and Arthur Furman, and shares the the same passion, knowledge, and expertise as the founders.


Since taking over the company, Leo has vastly expanded the outreach and breadth of work of the gallery, including a largely expanded selection of museum-quality bronze sculptures, functional water pipes, and other new and exciting artists' works.

Leo Braudy, current owner of and Capital Art Advisory


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"You are limited only by the contents of your imagination."


            -Arthur Furman

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