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Here you will find more information as you prepare to purchase.

Have additional non-price related questions? Before sending us an email, check out our Frequently Asked Questions

(FAQ). Most questions we have already answered there and you'll likely find your answer immediately.


...Don't see your answer on the FAQ page? Just shoot us        a message with your question(s) and we will get back          to you shortly.

     Have any additional questions? 

     We’re always ready to help!

Call us at:


or send us an email to

For more information and an accurate price quote, please fill out contact form or send us an email to <> with the following information... 

To inquire for price:

Some pieces already have prices listed. If you wish to purchase a piece with price listed, request an invoice and we will draw one up for you. To inquire for price, see below.


For safety and security of your transaction, we take your credit card information over the phone. We accept credit and debit cards, PayPal, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, Cashier's and Online Checks, and Money Order. 

Decorative Glass, Heady Glass, Bronze Sculptures, 

Two-Dimensional Art, and Soft Sculptures:

*Pieces without the price listed generally run in excess of $5,000.

   Feel free to inquire for more information.

1. Artist name and title of your desired work (be exact, many titles 

    are similar).

2. Your zip code for shipping estimate.

3. Any additional questions we can answer for you.


       *for Bronzes and Soft Sculptures, no artist name needed

Don't see it on our site? Have your eye on something specific? Just ask. We find and procure pieces for clients all over the world. Send us an inquiry with the information of your desired piece (the more info the better) and specify "custom-procurement." We will then reach out to our contacts and seek your desired piece. 

Lighted Glass (Hand-Blown Chandeliers, Sconces,

and Glass Garden Sculptures)

*Please supply us with the following information to the best of your ability:


1. Description:

          Please include size, shape, and color of your desired chandelier— Or simply choose from of one of our custom-produced professional designs (feel free to also reference our predesigned chandeliers as templates or inspiration for your custom work).

          Don’t be afraid to not know everything, and we encourage visual and emotionally-charged descriptions as well: Warm, cool, Hot! modern, funky, retro, subtle, "_____" vibes, ‘old-timey’, powerful, etc.


2. Room of Display:

         A. IF it is a foyer:

            i. Approximate ceiling height in feet

            ii. Do you have a second floor balcony that overlooks

                the foyer?


        B. IF it is a living/dining room:

           i. Approximate ceiling height in feet

           ii. Will your chandelier be over a table (or will people

               walk underneath it)?


        C. IF other, please describe.


3. Lastly, your zip code for shipping estimate.

4. Any additional questions we can answer for you.


We will then respond to you with a personal restatement of your inquiry ensuring your request is understood. 

Jamie Barthel Hand-Painted Chandeliers

     Have any additional questions? 

     We’re always ready to help!

Call us at:


or send us an email to

*Please read and send us an email with the information from the 3-Step process found on the Hand-Painted Chandelier page:


      Step 1: Specify bowl (number and name for clarity)

      Step 2: Specify size (diameter and corresponding price for clarity)

      Step 3: Specify mounting style

      Lastly: Provide us with your zip code for a shipping estimate.


      ...and any additional questions you may have.

For art advisory services, visit us at

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