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Jennifer McCurdy Wheel Thrown Porcelain

        Although not a glass artist, Jennifer McCurdy's wheel thrown porcelain is unlike any other. She starts like the others, using her potter's wheel to form her vessels. But then, she intricately carves into them while they are in a leather-like state. This skillful process is of indescribable difficulty, and must be completed in the short window of time while the vessel has just the right amount of moisture. They are then fired to produce hard, translucent vessels full of energy & counter-point. Furthermore, McCurdy then gilds some of her fragile vessels in brilliant precious metals. Each vessel's surface creates an exciting chiaroscuro effect of light & shadow.


Most pieces are custom-made per the order. Production time typically 4-6 weeks.


        McCurdy has shown her work at major craft fairs & museums throughout the United States and world. To read more about the artist, her process, and museums where you can find her works, click here.

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*All pieces are made in series. Since all are handmade, individual works of art, no two are exactly alike. Piece may vary ever so slightly from what you see pictured. 
Gilded Ribbon Vessel
14 x 10 x 10’’
Gilded Vortex Vessel
12 x 10 x 9’’
Gilded Wing
9 x 10 x 9’’
Wheat Bottle
9 x 6 x 6’’
Gilded Lotus Nest
8 x 16 x 16"
Coral Nest (pic 1)
11 x 10 x 10’’
Gilded Palladium Ribbon Vessel
15 x 11 x 11’’
Gilded White Gold Ribbon Vessel
11 x 9 x 9’’
Coral Nest (pic 2)
Gilded Coral Nest (pic 1)
7 x 10 x 10’’
Gilded Coral Nest (pic 2)
Gilded Magritte's Vessel (pic 1)
13 x 10 x 10’’
Gilded Magritte's Vessel (pic 2)
Gilded Butterfly Magritte's Vessel
14 x 10 x 10’’
Roly Wind Vessel
8 x 11 x 10’’
Butterfly Tsunami on Altered Base
13 x 11 x 10’’
Gilded Wind Nest
10 x 12 x 12’’
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