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In Memory of Marvin Lipofsky

Glass Artist Marvin Lipofsky in his studio

Believe it or not, glass art as we know it today is a fairly new technique, perfected over the years w

ith new methods and artistic experimentation. The great Marvin Lipofsky spearheaded the glass art movement as early as the 1960s when he was at the forefront of the studio glass era and the father of many techniques that are commonly used today.

His works have been described as provocative, sensual, fluid, and of an almost irresistible nature, as he plays with the use of the shape and color to create truly unique sculptures. His pioneering of glass art took him around the world, as he was the first American to create a series of glass sculptures in China and Czechoslovakia and has a permanent collection in over 50 museums across the globe.

Where did the glass master find his inspiration? While working at the Nuutajarvi Glass Factory in Findland in 1970, he observed the “overblow” billowing from the molds, which were then cut off. However, he found the seemingly superfluous piece to be the most organic, interesting, and sensual. Since then, he incorporated overblow in his artwork and created one of the first organic and fluid series in the glass world.

Much can be said about the great successes of Marvin Lipofsky, from his time teaching to creating sculptures across the world. He is also known for having quite the sharp tongue and intense spirit, but what could one expect from someone so talented and enveloped in his work. His pieces evoke movement, rhythm, pattern, and a strange abstract yet organic form. This is only complimented by the man behind the artwork, whose spirit and passion is evident in each piece.

Sadly, Lipofsky passed away on January 15, 2016 at 77 years old after much time struggling with his health. That never held him back from continuing to pursue his endeavors in the glass art community. He even delivered a dynamic public presentation at SOFA Chicago the previous November. Just as his many students over the decades were honored to be taught by perhaps the greatest glass artist in history, we are delighted to showcase the works of the great Lipofsky and continue keeping his name alive and his artwork celebrated. To learn more about Marvin Lipofsky and purchase your very own original piece, call us today.

Leo Braudy

Gallery Owner, Ethel A. Furman & Associates


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