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Blossoms of Spring

John Burchetta glass artist biography

Artist of the Month: John Burchetta

In honor of the blooming spring season we shed light on a favorite artist in our collection, whose blossom-like glass creations remind us of the season of new beginnings, bright colors, and dazzling nature. John Burchetta is a prominent figure in the glass art world as he has received critical acclaim from a variety of museums, corporations and art communities. However, his work has also reached great heights, being sold throughout the world and commissioned by big name industries.

After acquiring his BFA in Design from University of Kansas, John Burchetta founded Burchetta Hotglass. He has been working since 1985 in the historic town of Hudson Valley in Carmel, NY out of a renovated barn-turned-studio overlooking a lake. Perhaps the scenic view provides some inspiration for his works that are reminiscent of the natural world. Each authentic design is expertly formed and finished with delicate craftsmanship.

Burchetta is recognized for his remarkable skill in custom-produced works, as each piece exudes a unique energy and specially tailored design. The use of wave-like shapes, speckled texture, and moveable pieces that fit uniformly inside each other make each work both functional and beautiful. Take the sculpture apart to use as multiple centerpiece vessels or keep them together to form the efflorescent floral-inspired sculpture.

Glass installations by Burchetta, including bowls, vessels, plates, sculptures, and even chandeliers, have been commissioned all over the world. Moguls such as Walt Disney World and the international company Dansk have sought out the dazzling pieces and have even been featured in national television shows such as ‘Dateline’, ‘Mad About You’, and ‘Friends.’ You can also find his works on the pages of Gourmet, Cosmopolitan, Better Homes & Gardens, and many more major publications. .

Just in time for the spring season adorn your space with the skillfully constructed and truly unique artwork of John Burchetta. To learn more about his life and work and to purchase a piece of your own look no further than

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