Nathan Miers (N8 Miers) Functional Glass Art

Like many artists, Nathan’s interest in form, color, and aesthetics started at a young age. Early in his artistic career, Nathan discovered the infinite possibilities of flameworking with borosilicate glass as a medium. Enamored with the potential diversity of colors, textures, and shapes possible with borosilicate glass, Nathan ustilizes a wide palette to create his signature intergalactic designs and geometric kaleidoscopic patterns.


Nathan has found success in both the functional and studio realms of the glass world, but prefers to work in pipes because of the timeless communal nature of the form. Nathan finds inspiration through the passing and sharing of pipes as well as the tight-knit group of cult collectors and followers who make up his internet forum The Intergalactic Gazette.


Nathan’s rare set of skills and techniques have caught the eye of some of the most prestigious collectors in the glass pipe community. Their increased interest and new aquisitions of N8's works have led to a sharp and explosive increase in it's value in recent months. Connoisseur collectors have begun acquiring his sets for investment purposes. 


We are honored to share Nathan Miers' vision and body of work with collectors, enthusiasts, and those formerly unacquainted with functional glass art.

Functional Water Pipes (click images to enlarge)

Available Sets & Boosters

Assassins of Youth Set

Includes: mini tube, martini slide, Quave Club Banger, sherlock, pendant, marble, and component pieces

Pura Vida Booster

Includes: mini tube, martini slide, alternative slide, Quave Club Banger, custom N8 bowl, stand, hand-made and designed custom galactic case, and component pieces

Nathan Miers Pura Vida Booster with mini tube, martini slide, alternative slide, Quave Club Banger, custom N8 bowl, stand, hand-made and designed custom galactic case, and functional glass pipes component pieces
Pura Vida Booster mini tube [close-ups]


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