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Michael Svenson (Svenglass) Functional Glass Art

A true artist at heart, Svenson came from a skateboarding background when he eventually discovered glass blowing and creating functional pipes. Residing in the exploding glass hub of Colorado, Svenson is a master behind the torch. He has recently collaborated with other big names, such as Eusheen Goines and TrentonOo. Svenson is also a incredibly skilled player of the Guzheng--an ancient Chinese instrument that dates back over 3000 years.


Also going by the artist alias "Svenglass," Michael is known for his beautifully vibrant floral scenes. All of Svenglass's current work is made with borosilicate glass, no other mediums are used unless specifically stated. Svenson's work extends far beyond functional pipes, into purely decorative glass art and wearable art pendants.


Functional Water Pipes (click images to enlarge)

Svenglass x Eusheen

Ballrig Series


Vase w/ Flowers, Columbine Study


Rainbow Tribute


Passion Rocker

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