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Joe Peters (Joe P) Functional Glass Art

In 2012, encouraged by growing international demand from private collectors and galleries, Joe created work that increasingly incorporated functional glass elements. He is now one of the top names in the exploding field of functional pipe glass, and he pushes the boundaries of the medium with every new work. Joe continues to create pieces for glass enthusiasts worldwide; his pieces regularly sell for tens of thousands of dollars and are increasingly in demand. 


Due to his exploding popularity and demand, Joe's works have recently become more collaborative and increasingly larger in scale. All of Joe’s current work is made with borosilicate glass only; no other mediums are used unless specifically stated. Learn more about Joe Peters and Everdream Studio here.

Functional Water Pipes (click images to enlarge)

Joe Peters x Mongrel Glass


9” x 5”

Joe Peters x Nate Dizzle

Honey Swiss Perc­

14” x 6.75"

Banjo x Joe Peters


23” x 12” 

Joe Peters

Purple Space Lander

10" x 6"

Eusheen x Joe Peters

Sealife Upline 


Joe Peters x Jerry Kelly

Tipi Moondance

10" x 6" x 4.5"

Wearable Glass Pendants 

(#) Means this pendant is made in series. Since all are handmade, individual works of art, no two    pendants are exactly alike. Pendant may vary slightly from what you see pictured. 

Joe Peters

Honey Hexagon Pendant (#)

$1,000     2.2" height

Joe Peters x Josh Ford

Honeycomb Pendant

$1,600     2.8" height

Joe Peters

Flower of Life Pendant (#)

$650     2.2" height

Joe Peters

Honeycomb Pendant (#) 

$650     2.2" height

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