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Albert Paley
Legendary Steel Sculptor

Albert Paley Portrait (2).jpg

        Albert Paley has been an active artist for over 40 years and is the first metal sculptor to receive the coveted Institute Honors awarded by the American Institute of Architects, the AIA’s highest award to a non-architect. He is most known for his monumental works for galleries, museums, public, and private institutions alike, however he also has a wide range of mid-size outdoor sculptures and monoprints for the personal collector wishing to own a piece of modern sculptural history.

        Paley has shown his work at numerous major museums and galleries throughout the United States and world. To read more about the artist, bio, awards, and museum list, click here.

        We are proud to carry Paley's work. To inquire, send an email to the address below and we will send you a catalogue of his available works.

        To note: We try to keep our catalogue up-to-date, but due to the popularity of his works, some works you see in the catalogue may already be sold or spoken for. Once you let us know your piece(s) of interest, we will update you on the status of that work.

Images below are examples of Paley's works.
For our updated 2022 Albert Paley catalogue email

Pedestal Sculptures
"Glass and Steel" Sculptures
Outdoor Sculptures
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