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Artist of the Month: David Patchen

A glance at the glass work of renowned artist David Patchen is a glimpse into a delicate and incredibly intricate process that is both thoughtfully executed and marked with unplanned surprises. Patchen attributes his love of glass blowing to the challenging aspect of it, both creatively and physically.

David Patchen’s vibrant vessels are bursting with colors, shapes, and patterns that only seem more intricate as one examines them closer. He experiments with the use of these changing elements as well as variations in transparency to create pieces that give off a graceful and almost illuminated presence. Because of his love of experimentation and acceptance of new creative challenges, every piece brings with it a unique energy and a merging of many ideas and inspirations. Patchen sites his influence as being “textiles, ethnically distinct colors and shapes as well as the marine environment.”

David’s beginnings in the art world are unlike many who knew they would be artists since childhood. A former corporate marketing professional with an aspiration for music, he discovered his love of glass blowing after taking a class in 2001. He then transitioned into a full time fine artist, studied at the legendary Pilchuck Glass School, trained in Seto, Japan, and quickly became one of the best in his field. His work can be found in galleries and private collections across the globe, including in the home of Elton John.

His latest extensive project, entitled Bloom, blossoms from his experimentation with the idea of precious things being hidden and revealed. The beautiful vessels in this collection are organic forms that combine both his precise movement and the pleasant surprises of shape and color. These works are representational of his inspiration itself, which contributes to their magnificence and makes them a spectacle to observe. The pieces are vaguely remindful of familiar shapes and colors, perhaps those seen in the ocean or plants. However, the unique and flowing shapes create an air of mystery and guide the viewer through the intricate evolution of the work.

The exquisite artwork of David Patchen are the kind of pieces that make a viewer stop and stare, that light up a room, and that spark an inspiration of their own. We are honored to showcase the work of one of the greats in the glass art world and to give you the opportunity to adorn your space with these mysterious vessels. Learn more about David Patchen and purchase one of his custom works from our online art gallery.

Leo Braudy

Gallery Owner, Ethel A. Furman & Associates


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