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We stand behind our products...and under them too.

The chandelier you see here hangs in our home amongst our collection.

We have procured art of all forms, jewelry, chandeliers, 

and bronze sculptures for:


 --Museums (public and private)

 --Individual Collections






 --Commercial Buildings

 --..and Private Residences throughout the world*

       *6 out of 7 continents (waiting on Antarctica)




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                         ...It runs in our family.

Ethel and Arthur Furman, The Founders of Ethel A. Furman & Associates and started


Ethel and Arthur Furman, the founders of Ethel A.  Furman & Associates, began dealing art and art  consulting independently over 45 years ago. During this  time, they represented governments, corporations,  museums, other galleries, and private individuals.



Ethel and Arthur Furman,

Founders and Grandparents


*Light Purple: Ethel A. Furman's  favorite color 


The internet's oldest and longest continuously operating art gallery

When Ethel and Arthur took their company online in  1997, Google was not yet founded. Little did the  Furmans.realize how the expansion of the then-  fledgling internet would change their business

Continuity; The Next Generation: Leo Braudy is  the current CEO of Ethel A. Furman & Associates. He is also the grandson of Ethel and Arthur Furman, and shares the the same passion, knowledge, and expertise  as the founders. Since taking over the company, Leo has vastly expanded the outreach and breadth of work  of the gallery, including a largely expanded selection of  museum-quality bronze sculptures and functional water  pipes*, amongst other new exciting artists' works.

*Leo Braudy’s choice to begin offering functional glass water  pipes and other heady glass was spurred by the recent explosion  of artistic creativity, talent, and popularity in this sector, along with  his personal enthusiasm in this field.

If you're still interested...



My name is Leo Braudy. I'm an art dealer, art broker, art consultant, and the current CEO of Ethel A. Furman & Associates.


I graduated from Rollins College where I majored in International Relations--because of my lifelong interest in global politics. I then embarked on a journey of self discovery which led me around the world to Argentina and the Middle East, to me becoming an FM radio DJ and eventually my time working in a brewery.


However, I always have known running my family’s business would be my career, and now back in the U.S. I am proud to take it into the next generation. I have been assisting and working in the company quite literally my entire life, and I am fortunate to have grandparents who started this great company and a family who instilled within me a passion for art.

     ...Quite simply, I focus on art I like. What's my favorite type of art? I love contemporary art, and my favorite type of contemporary art is glass art and sculpture.


I hope I can share some of my passion with you here, and whether you choose to purchase or simply enjoy browsing around, I hope you see something which brightens your day and makes you reflect upon our infinite potential.


Zachary Braudy, North America's top glass art dealer

Leo Braudy, current CEO

and turtleneck enthusiast




"You are limited only by the contents of your imagination."


            -Arthur Furman

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